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October 22nd

— January 16th



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Program goal

Professional Coaching is an ICF-accredited program that helps you enter the coaching profession. After the completion of the program you can start a life coaching practice or use innovative coaching tools at work or in your business. After the final exams you will get an international certificate recognized in 147 countries.

The program is built around 8 ICF Core Coaching Competencies and is aimed at developing every one of them.

The ‘Professional Coaching’ program aligns with international quality standards and introduces unique and innovative tools.

Join the international community of coaches!



  • ANSWERS to their questions related to business, life, goals and meaning;
  • BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS in business and personal growth;
  • ABSOLUTE CLARITY in goals, plans, life;
  • STRONG TEAM, engaged employees, decrease in turnover rate;
  • NEW INCOME STREAMS from a new job in a fast-growing industry.



  • Module # 1 October 22-24, 2021
  • Module #2 November 19-21, 2021
  • Module #3 December 17-19, 2021
  • Module #4 January 14-16, 2022



Katerina Kostiukova

  • PCC ICF Coach
  • Certified Mentor Coach
  • Trainer of International coach training programs

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Elvira Glazkova

  • Coach, ICF member
  • 18 years in HR management
  • Entrepreneur, online store owner


Business owners, executives, department heads , managers at various levels.

HR directors, business trainers and consultants, psychotherapists and other helping professionals


Individuals searching for a job that makes a difference

People/individuals searching for personal growth.


  • ICF ACSTH certificate (161 hours)

  • 25 coaching tools

  • 7 strategies to identify values

  • 6 ways to deal with rejections

  • Innovative tools to work with people

  • Employee development tools which will facilitate your own growth

  • Increased productivity and efficiency

  • Opportunity to accelerate your career and increase your market value

  • Personal and professional growth.


June 11-13, 2021

Module 1. Foundations of Professional Coaching

Your Results:

✓ understanding of what coaching is

✓ knowledge of the coaching session structure

✓ skills to conduct a coaching session

✓ mastering a range of coaching tools

✓ understanding of how our mind works

✓ understanding the foundations of neuroscience in coaching.

✓group mentoring

✓practice session,

✓mastermind session

✓homework assignments

July 16-18, 2021

Module 2 . Effective Solutions

Your Results:

✓ focus on the client results

✓ techniques helping clients to achieve results

✓tools helping clients to look for new solutions

✓ understanding the structure of a coaching agreement

✓ foundations of psychology in coaching

✓ understanding of how to start a coaching practice: choosing your coaching niche, growing your coaching practice

✓group mentoring

✓practice session

✓mastermind session

✓homework assignments

August 13-15, 2021

Module 3. Thinking in Opportunities

Your Results:

✓ understanding the foundations of team coaching;

✓ tools helping clients to identify their values

✓ tools helping clients to work with their fears

✓ tools helping clients to make a choice

✓ strategies to be resourceful as a coach

✓group mentoring

✓practice session

✓mastermind session

✓homework assignments

September 17-19, 2021

Module 4. Awareness and Strategy

Your Results:

✓ understanding individual characteristics of each client

✓ working with the client’s mission

✓ working with the client’s strategic plans

✓ understanding of how to manage clients' progress.



International Certification

Welcome to the Profession!


Every student who successfully passes the final exams gets an international certificate recognized in 147 countries

Course Structure and Investment

  • 4 modules. 3 full training days per module. An extensive range of professional tools to work with life coaching and business coaching clients.
  • 3 intermodular practice sessions. The purpose of a practice session is to let you practice coaching in threes, with each of the students taking a turn as a coach, client and observer of the process. You’ll also get feedback from one of our teaching assistants. You can arrange additional practice sessions with your classmates, if you wish.
  • 3 group mentoring sessions. The purpose of group mentoring is to help you master the core coaching competencies. You learn to give feedback on each of the competencies in a coaching session.
  • 3 mastermind sessions with seasoned coaches and coach trainers. You'll have 2-hour online sessions with our team of experienced coaches and get answers to all of the questions that come up between the modules.
  • Materials and manuals for each module.
  • Teaching assistants’ support and feedback. Our teaching assistants are certified coaches.
  • International Certification for 171 hours of coach specific training. ICF ACSTH certificate is recognized and accepted in 145 countries.
  • WeChat group in which our teaching assistants will provide support.
  • Flexible payment options: one-time payment and pay-as-you-go (per module).


EUR 2800 instead of ̶3̶5̶0̶0̶ ̶е̶в̶р̶о̶ ̶ until July 22, 2021.

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