Coach training

Programs accredited by ICF International Coaching Federation

ICC ISTOK training events will allow you to get basic coaching tools, master the coaching approach or the profession of a coach. Join now!

The "Coach Practitioner" program will allow you to master the coaching profession or start using innovative coaching tools in your work and business.

Our Intensive course will give you the opportunity not only to get acquainted with coaching, but also to gain practical experience in conducting coaching sessions using basic coaching tools. What is the power of the coaching question, and how can we start asking this question? Why do successful people prefer coaching to other methods of development for themselves and their companies? Why do the leading companies on the Forbes list in Russia and all over the world learn the coaching approach? Get answers to these questions at the Coaching Start intensive course!

The program is designed specifically for managers who are ready to change their managerial style towards non-directivity, increasing the involvement of their team members through raising their managerial awareness.