Supervision is a method of professional development of coaches, which focuses on internal conflicts, difficulties, and limiting beliefs that impede the quality work with clients.

Supervision can take place in individual or group formats.

Examples of supervision requests:

    • I get angry when clients take too long to express their thoughts
    • I become flustered when the client says that he did not do his homework
    • I find it difficult to work with high-status clients
    • I’m not sure that I can charge for coaching sessions, etc.
      Thanks to supervision, the coach gets rid of hang-ups like doubt, uncertainty, and ineffective behavior patterns.


How is supervision performed?

The coach brings up a situation that concerns him.
The supervisor, along with the coach, finds the answer to the question: “What are the other ways to act?”, “How can we rebuild limiting beliefs into successful behavior?”



Olga Koshenkova

ACC ICF coach

I consider supervision a valuable development method in the profession. I underwent 2 supervisions in group format with Olga Gavrilina and in one of them we discussed my request. I really recommend it!

Dina Malezhik

ICF coach

We discussed my colleague's case in group supervision, and in the end we managed to find a solution and to learn something new from it. I recommend Olga Gavrilina as a professional!

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