A coaching session is a one-on-one conversation (50–70 minutes) between a coach and a client, during which the client addresses problems and moves towards an intended goal.

The number of coaching sessions is determined individually for each person. However, we recommend planning at least 5 coaching sessions (2-3 coaching sessions per month) to obtain the desired result from coaching.

All coaches of the ISTOK International Coach Centre comply with the ICF (International Coach Federation) code of ethics, which implies complete confidentiality when working with the client.

The result of individual coaching is a clear vision by the client of the goal, how to achieve it, specific actions to be taken, as well as increased awareness and understanding of their individual attributes and strengths.

According to statistics, 70% of Fortune 500 companies (the most successful companies in the world) use coaching. At the same time (according to the Fortune magazine report), managers describe the sixfold return on investment in relation to the cost of coaching for their companies.

Coaches of the Centre

Katerina Kostiukova

  • PCC ICF Coach
  • Certified Mentor Coach
  • Trainer of International coach training programs
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Luba Diasamidze

  • PCC ICF Coach
  • Executive Coach
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Adel Shadrina

  • 1300 sessions to leaders and their teams.
  • ICF coach mentor
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Sergei Lemeshev about working with coach Katerina Kostiukova

The founder of the school of speed reading

"I was led to the coach by the realization that I’m going around in circles instead of flourishing. The choice fell on Katerina Kostiukova: I heard about her experience and work. As a result I restructured my thoughts and plans. Now, after some time has passed, I’m coming close to achieving the goals I outlined during the coaching sessions. Could I have achieved those results without the coaching? Yes, but the question is - when would that have been? Coaching helps the necessary thinking processes go faster. At least coaching with Katerina does! Thank you!"

Vladimir Blinkov about working with coach Katerina Kostiukova

Business Process Analyst

"It was the need to focus and cope with a wide range of interests in sports and business that led me to the coach. Already at the first coaching session I decided on the direction to move in concerning sports and made a plan for business development. In just a year this plan was implemented due to effective focusing techniques. I admit that all of it happened unexpectedly quickly! Without a coach, the path to the same results would have been long and painful."

Ksenia Eliseeva about working with coach Katerina Kostiukova

Head of Human Resources

"I got a manager’s position, but I didn’t have the manager’s experience, and all the problems stemming from this soon became obvious. As a result of working with Katerina, I began to structure my working day, learned how to set and delegate tasks correctly, and built partnerships with colleagues. The results were not long in coming. I went on vacation for a month, but my department coped with the task brilliantly! After completing the coaching contract, I received the "Manager of the Month" award. I could not have obtained such results without a coach!"

Ekaterina Legkaia about working with the coach Katerina Kostiukova

Company owner

"I decided to turn to a coach when I got confused about what I really wanted. And now I'm gradually moving towards my goal! Could I have achieved the desired result without the coach? No, because the dialogue with the coach revealed a lot to me, namely the realization of what I want, what I aspire to do, and why I want it at all. Perhaps this was my first frank conversation with myself. I am very grateful to Katerina for the work done!"

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