What is the power of the coaching question, and how can we start asking this question? Why do successful people prefer coaching to other methods of development for themselves and their companies? Why do the leading companies on the Forbes list in Russia and all over the world learn the coaching approach? Get answers to these questions at the Coaching Start intensive course!


Who is this program for?
For everyone whose success and profit depend on the work of other people:

  • business owners
  • top managers
  • heads of company departments
  • personnel management reserve
  • HR specialists
  • business trainers

This intensive course is for you if you:

  • feel the need to take your team or company to a new level
  • want to learn how to systematically and effectively develop your staff
  • want to learn how to motivate employees without using monetary incentives
  • strive to implement modern methods of personnel management

Our Intensive course program contains:

  • Basic principles of coaching
  • Steps of the coaching dialogue
  • The structure of the coaching session and coaching conversation
  • Methods for effective questioning
  • Basic coaching tools

Training format: demonstration coaching sessions, practical exercises, small group-work, etc.

Results of participants:

  • A clear understanding of the ICF definition of coaching. The meaning and methodology of a coaching approach.
  • Clear technique and the skill of asking powerful coaching questions.
  • Understanding of how to instantly “turn on” the client’s brain.
  • 5 components of the coaching approach.
  • 3 simple techniques to exponentially increase personal efficiency and group discussions.
  • Mastering 5 coaching tools.
  • Practical experience of conducting structured coaching conversations.

Based on the results of training, an international certificate is issued

Program trainer

Katerina Kostiukova

  • PCC ICF Coach
  • Certified Mentor Coach
  • Trainer of International coach training programs
Download portfolio

Luba Diasamidze

  • PCC ICF Coach
  • Executive Coach
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Aleksandr Matashov

General Director of Stroismes Plant LLC

The result of using the coaching approach for me: the employees themselves take part in searching for the best option; they developed a completely different motivation – as a partner, not as an implementer.

Aleksandr Serbenko

entrepreneur, co-founder of Eat clean

A coaching approach helps to build a team and achieve excellent results. At the end of the day you get high quality relationships with the team and high efficiency in work.

Viktor Iurev

founder and director of the trading company DASK, creator of the LORDEAST brand

For me, the coaching approach is a powerful and useful tool for working with a team to effectively achieve any goals.

Pavel Shchiuchinov

entrepreneur, founder of the network "Se I srazu"

I use the coaching approach when I need to push on to the next level. As a result people start taking initiative, offering new ideas and getting easily involved in the process of their implementation.

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