Mentoring is the method of professional development for a coach, aimed at developing 8 ICF Core Coaching Competencies.

International Coach Center ISTOK supports the professional development of coaches.

  • Mentor sessions according to ICF standards
  • ACC and PCC credentialing assistance
  • Development of the coach’s behavioral repertoire
  • Help in finding your coaching style
  • Assistance in mastering the in-depth structure of the process of working with clients

Mentoring is carried out in individual and group formats.

How can I prepare for mentoring?
Download a handy memo with step-by-step instructions here
Mentors of the International Coach Center ISTOK


Adel Shadrina

  • 1300 sessions to leaders and their teams.
  • ICF coach mentor
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Katerina Kostiukova

  • PCC ICF Coach
  • Certified Mentor Coach
  • Trainer of International coach training programs
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Elena Zlygosteva

coach, Riga city

I attended a group mentoring with Katerina Kostiukova and I realized that mentoring is not scary, so I could take the chance to conduct a session myself! Plus, I felt more confident as a specialist. Katerina "holds" the group together with amazing skill. Thank you!

Evgeniia Ermakova

coach, Khabarovsk city

Mentoring helps me to understand competencies and expand my experience as a beginner coach.

Nadezhda Pasechnik

coach, Novosibirsk city

Group mentoring with Katerina Kostiukova gave me more clarity concerning the competencies of the coach, and showed me a new angle on the coach position and creating rapport.

Ekaterina Buslova

coach, Blagoveshchensk city

Mentoring helped me realize the power of coaching, and to clearly define development zones. It was also a pleasant and valuable experience for me to communicate with my colleagues, because there are practically none in my city!

Ada Larich

ACC ICF coach

I liked it all very much! I saw my strengths and areas for growth.

Zhanna Kirianova

coach, Khabarovsk city

I got my priorities straight when it came to the study of coaching; in particular, I was assured of the necessity to thoroughly understand the 11 competencies of a coach. This was the first time I was in group mentoring (outside of training) and for me this meeting was extremely useful!

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